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A weekly email of useful links for people interested in building data platforms, curated by the folks at https://www.intermix.io submissions@sfdata.io

A weekly email of useful links for people interested in building data platforms, curated by the folks at https://www.intermix.io


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SF Data Weekly - ProAm, GPU Pipelines and Vertical Line Charts

Analytics Engineer - AngazaData Scientist, Analytics, US Safety - TikTokSystem Engineer Data Analyst - Lyten


SF Data Weekly - Reddit as a Vector, Choropleth Battle and EDA Remembrances

Data Analyst, Health Software - AppleBusiness Intelligence Engineer, Amazon Publisher Services - AmazonStaff Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Google Nest


SF Data Weekly - Peas and Carrots, Doris and Multilingual Dashboards

Analyst, Promotion Analytics - Sephora Staff Software Engineer, Data Platform - ClariMotion Health Data Scientist - Apple


SF Data Weekly - Symphonic Metal Band Analysis, Matplotlib EDV and Sepsis

Applied AI/ML Engineer - MLOps Focus - JPMorgan ChaseR&D: Data Scientist - CuteraDirect Marketing Analyst - Apple


SF Data Weekly - How Long, Soda and Sankey

Our pick this week is a data visualization showing how long it takes to make data visualizations.We also have a piece on using Soda Core for data validation at scale, and a post explaining Sankey diagrams and how to construct them in Javascript. Stay Healthy!


SF Data Weekly - All About Speed, Decorators and Interview Stats

Our pick this week argues that speed is the key to being a good analyst.We also have pieces on the use of Python decorators and some interesting statistics on the real value of communications skills in interviews. Stay Healthy!


SF Data Weekly - Pinterest of Data Viz, Monarch and AlloyDB

Data Engineer, TD&R - CiscoStaff Data Scientist, ML Ops - TuroStrategy and Data Analyst, Sustainability - Uber


SF Data Weekly - Recommendations, Profiling and Modeling NFTs

Data Scientist - Zoom PhoneManager, Business Intelligence - WorkdayAnalytics Lead, Membership Growth - Lyft


SF Data Weekly - Realistic Expectations, All About Felix and Humans of Lyft

Product Analytics Manager - PayPalData Infrastructure Engineer - GuruData Scientist - Neuralink


SF Data Weekly - Pythagorean Expectation, ILU DataViz and CLV

Our pick this week is an explanation of Pythagorean Expectation and its application to sports analysis and prediction.We also have an piece on saying "I Love You" with a data visualization, and Bayesian customer life value modeling. Stay healthy!


SF Data Weekly - Broken Data Warehouses, Histogram Alternatives and Esquisse

Software Engineer, Machine Learning - Bear RoboticsSenior Manager, Analytics - TuroData Engineer - Splunk


SF Data Weekly - NextGen Brackets, Snowflake Organization and DataViz Art

Our pick this week is a re-imaging of March Madness brackets using data visualization techniques.We also have a piece on organizing your Snowflake data warehouse, as well as a post on the art and science of data visualization. Stay healthy!


SF Data Weekly - Visualizing Oscars, Faker and Data Cavities

Data Scientist, Analytics - NextdoorSenior BI Engineer, Financial Crimes Technology - Cash AppData Engineer - Notion


SF Data Weekly - Does Twitter Hate Your Friends, Kestra and Pandera

Senior Data Engineer - NisumEngineering Manager, Machine Learning Infrastructure - TinderData Analyst - Bid Ops


SF Data Weekly - Data Artists, Sharding and Levenshtein Distance

Data Engineer, Business Operations - Juniper SquareBusiness Intelligence Developer, Tableau Expert - AsanaAnalyst, Marketing Planning & Analytics - SiriusXM


SF Data Weekly - Antifragile DWH Patterns, Lookout + Redshift and Kafka

Data Scientist - NanaSoftware Development Engineer II, Data - Realty MogulData Analyst - Cribl


SF Data Weekly - Redshift Performance, Cockroach DB and Marrimeko Charts

Associate Manager, Data Annotation - TeslaMachine Learning Software Engineer - IntelData Engineer - EarnUp


SF Data Weekly - Peaky Blinders, Dataplex and Dags Hub

Data Engineer - Zine OneData Scientist (New College Grad) - WealthfrontSenior Analyst II, Experimentation, Marketing Analytics - Chime


SF Data Weekly - Stats Gist List, Window Functions and Little Worlds

Data Architect - Grid DynamicsSoftware Development Engineer, Machine Learning - SiemensSr Analyst, Strategy and Analytics - Fanatics


SF Data Weekly -Saving Humanity, TinyML and Encyclopedic Data Art

Senior Data Engineer - Faraday FutureSenior Business Analyst - IntuitManager, Business Intelligence and Analytics - Charles Schwab