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February 26 · Issue #178 · View online
SF Data Weekly
This week’s pick is one for the Rick and Morty fans – how Rick and Morty episodes contain lessons about analytics.
We also have a couple of pieces that demonstrate pipelines to feed AWS QuickSight, as well as a piece on forecasting the use of electricity using ARIMA modeling. Stay healthy!

Our Pick
Principles In Analytics from Morty’s Mindblowers | by Corsair's Publishing | Feb, 2021 | Creative Analytics
Data Pipelines
Want to Do ETL With Python?. Find the best Python ETL tool that fits… | by Claire D. Costa | Feb, 2021 | Towards Data Science
Create a custom data connector to Slack’s Member Analytics API in Amazon QuickSight with Amazon Athena Federated Query | Amazon Web Services
Building an administrative console in Amazon QuickSight to analyze usage metrics | Amazon Web Services
Xplenty | Simplified ETL & ELT to BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift & Azure
Data Storage
A Data Pipeline is a Materialized View | Into the Light
A Complete Guide to SQL for Data Science | by Mahadev Easwar | Feb, 2021 | Towards AI
Data Analysis
How to break a model in 20 days — a tutorial on production model analytics | by Emeli Dral | Feb, 2021 | Towards Data Science
Electricity Production Forecasting Using Arima Model in Python | by Jayashree domala | Feb, 2021 | Towards AI
Data Visualization
Data Visualization of People Movement | The Startup
Data-driven Products
Fast and Reliable Schema-Agnostic Log Analytics Platform | Uber Engineering Blog
How Google, Uber, and Amazon Ensure High-Quality Data at Scale | by Kevin Babitz | The Startup | Feb, 2021 | Medium
Data Engineering Jobs
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