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SF Data Weekly - Redshift Spectrum & Data Lakes, Spark ETLs, Alibaba Cloud, Kafka for Developers

June 4 · Issue #70 · View online
SF Data Weekly
Our Pick
Amazon Redshift Spectrum: Diving into the Data Lake
The Dark Data Problem. Source: Amazon AWS.
Data Pipelines
Orchestrate Apache Spark Applications Using AWS Step Functions and Apache Livy
High level system diagram: Livy is used to connect to Spark in Amazon EMR.
AWS Data Pipeline: An Introduction to a Platform for Solving Complex Data Pipeline Headaches
Down with Pipeline Debt / Introducing Great Expectations
How do you know if the data in your data lake is correct?
Data Storage
Migrate to the MySQL-compatible Edition of Amazon Aurora While Protecting Personal Data Using Encryption
Introducing Self-Service Apache Kafka for Developers
Confluent's solution of bringing streaming data to the apps.
Redis vs. Memcached: In-Memory Data Storage Systems
Data Analysis
Practical Apache Spark in 10 Minutes. Part 2 — RDD
Google Cloud Dataprep - Data Handling Made Easier | Google Cloud Platform
Job results is a convenient tool for reporting on the success of Dataprep's work.
Data Visualization
Creating a Data Visualization GraphQL Server with a Loosely Coupled Schema
A screenshot of the Ibex project.
Data-driven Products
Data is beautiful: Traffic accidents in the UK
The final product showing number of vehicles and casualties in London, UK.
Data Engineering Jobs
Data Engineer - Microsoft
Intern - Data Engineering - Huawei Technologies
At the end of each SF Data Weekly issue you can find job postings that are relevant to all members of our community. 🎉
If you want to post a job for your company, you can do it here.
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