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SF Data Weekly - Pinterest of Data Viz, Monarch and AlloyDB

May 20 · Issue #240 · View online
SF Data Weekly
This week’s pick introduces a new site that is like Pinterest for data visualization inspiration.
We also have two pieces on Google databases – one describes their time series database, Monarch, and the other introduces their new PostgreSQL-compatible AlloyDB. Stay Healthy!

Our Pick
SPOTLIGHT: The Pinterest of Data Visualisation | Nightingale
Data Pipelines
Effortless Ways to handle Google Analytics 4 data in BigQuery like a pro | by datadice | May, 2022 | Medium
The Best Shopify Tech Stack for Building a High-Traffic E-Commerce Store |
Data Storage
Monarch: Google’s Planet-Scale In-Memory Time Series Database
Introducing AlloyDB for PostgreSQL: Free yourself from expensive, legacy databases
YouTube's Database "Procella"
Data Analysis
Why I Stopped Dumping DataFrames to a CSV and Why You Should Too | by Avi Chawla | May, 2022 | Towards Data Science
How expert analysts think about time | by Cassie Kozyrkov | May, 2022 | Towards Data Science
Data Visualization
Visualizing the Speed of Light with Python | by Boriharn K | May, 2022 | Towards Data Science
Data-driven Products
Powering real-time data analytics with Druid at Twitter
How Paytm modernized their data pipeline using Amazon EMR | Amazon Web Services
Data Engineering Jobs
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