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SF Data Weekly - Million Row Datasets, Security and Kedro

September 17 · Issue #207 · View online
SF Data Weekly
This week’s pick is a great tutorial on how to work with million-row datasets in Python.
We also have a couple of pieces on how to secure your Redshift and Google Cloud database systems, as well as an introduction to the Kedro data science framework. Stay healthy!

Our Pick
How to Work with Million-row Datasets Like a Pro | by Bex T. | Sep, 2021 | Towards Data Science
Data Pipelines
How to detect the origin of data quality issues that will impact your analytics pipeline while still deploying services fast in Kafka | by Michael E Colley | Sep, 2021 | Medium
Are These the 6 Best Reverse ETL Vendors for 2021? | Xplenty
Data Storage
Using Titan Security Key to protect your Google Cloud account | by Antonio Cachuan | Analytics Vidhya | Sep, 2021 | Medium
Federated authentication to Amazon Redshift using AWS Single Sign-On | Amazon Web Services
Data Analysis
A new GUI for GraphQL: QLeksii. QLeksii is a Graphical User Interface… | by Hasan H Ozutemiz | Sep, 2021 | Medium
Kedro — A Python Framework for Reproducible Data Science Project | by Khuyen Tran | Sep, 2021 | Towards Data Science
Data Visualization
CoViz-19 Part 2: A Personal Visualisation of the UK’s ‘Roadmap to Freedom’ | Nightingale
Data-driven Products
Automating Data Protection at Scale, Part 1 | by elizabeth nammour | The Airbnb Tech Blog | Sep, 2021 | Medium
Jellyfish: Cost-Effective Data Tiering for Uber’s Largest Storage System
Data Engineering Jobs
Data Science Specialist - Heluna Health
Data Engineer - Grid Dynamics
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