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SF Data Weekly -'s Circus Train, High Performance ETL, Spark on YARN, Gradient Boosting Libraries

July 30 · Issue #78 · View online
SF Data Weekly
Our Pick
Doing Without Databases in the 21st Century
Data Pipelines
Big Data for Data Engineers | Coursera
How to Build a Secure by Default Kubernetes Cluster with a Basic CI/CD Pipeline on AWS
The end-state Kubernetes cluster.
Top 8 Best Practices for High-Performance ETL Processing Using Amazon Redshift | AWS Big Data Blog
An example four-step daily ETL workflow .
Data Storage
Replicating Big Datasets in the Cloud – The Technology Blog
Circus Train: high-level sequence diagram.
Get Sub-second Query Response Times with Amazon Redshift Result Caching | AWS Big Data Blog
Understanding Apache Spark on YARN
Spark Cluster overview: Spark applications being coordinated by the SparkContext.
Data Analysis
Gradient Boosting Libraries — A Comparison |
Best-first/ Leaf-wise expansion of a binary tree used in boosting algorithms.
Reinforcement Learning: A Deep Dive | Toptal
An agent's interactions with the environment.
Data Visualization
Screenshot of a
Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js
Screenshot of an interactive plot on US trade deficit over the years.
Data-driven Products
Talk the Walk: Teaching AI systems to navigate New York through language | Facebook Code
A view of the Talk the Walk interface by FAIR.
Data Engineering Jobs
Data Engineer - Taulia
Senior Data Engineer - Glu Mobile
If you want to post a job for your company, you can do it here.
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