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Early bird pricing for DataEngConf in SF from April 26-28 is over. But we got you covered. Use the sp
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Early bird pricing for DataEngConf in SF from April 26-28 is over. But we got you covered. Use the special code SFDATA20x by April 14 for a 20% discount off the tickets. Scroll down to learn about the speakers.
Last week we already said that Hadoop has failed us. Well here’s a way to learn Hadoop for free.
Ever wonder where all the data smartphones and IoT are generating is stored (and you do, right?)? Then read how building an AI chip saved Google from building a dozen new data centers. Six years ago, voice recognition came to Android. If each of the world’s Android phones used the new Google voice search for just three minutes a day, the company would need twice as many data centers. Rather than double its data center footprint, Google instead built its own computer chip specifically for running deep neural networks, called the Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU.
Data in healthcare and medicine - read the thread on HN.
Before you read on - explore Britta Mennecke’s Pinterest board with  “Dashboard UI + Inspirations”.

Our Pick
From AI to ML to DL
What’s the Difference Between AI, ML & DL?
Data Pipelines
Building an Empire on Event Data
Building a Data-Informed Culture at Gusto
Data Storage
Building a scalable time-series database on PostgreSQL
Insert rate comparison: TimescaleDB vs vanilla PostgreSQL
Data Analysis
Data Science Cultures: Archaeology vs. Astronomy
Learning the Monty Hall problem
Data Visualization
519 best ideas about Dashboard UIs
The Architecture of a Data Visualization [2015]
Data-driven Products
The Hardest Part About Microservices: Your Data
A Strata San Jose 2017 Sampler
DataEng Conference
DataEngConf features the best talks on data engineering and data science you’ll hear this year from engineers at Facebook, Databricks, Netflix, Airbnb, Instacart, Clover Health, Metamarkets, Cloudera, Coinbase and many more.
20% discount off tickets. Use special code SFDATA20x through 4/14
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