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SF Data Weekly - Data Science and the NBA, Ditching Git and Lessons Learned

September 10 · Issue #206 · View online
SF Data Weekly
Our pick this week is a sophisticated ML app to replace an NBA scout by picking a really good shooting guard for the Milwaukee Bucks.
We also have a piece that advocates ditching Git to better manage your analytics, and lessons learned after two years of being a new data scientist. Stay healthy!

Our Pick
Can a Data Scientist Replace an NBA Scout? ML App Development for Best Transfer Suggestion
Data Pipelines
How to scrape all types of websites with python — part 1 | by Joachim Kuleafenu | Analytics Vidhya | Aug, 2021 | Medium
Change Data Capture: CDC for E-Commerce | Xplenty
Data Storage
Custom SQL Now Supported in the Snowflake Connector for Power BI! | Snowflake Blog
Get started with the Amazon Redshift Data API | Amazon Web Services
Data Analysis
How to Scale Your Analytics Org by Ditching Git | by Robert Yi | Aug, 2021 | Towards Data Science
Lessons Learned from two years as a Data Scientist
Data Visualization
Make beautiful 3D plots in R — An enhancement on the story-telling | by Xichu Zhang | Sep, 2021 | Towards Data Science
Cesefor Visualizes Forestry Data in Nemus System Using AnyChart | by AnyChart | Geek Culture | Aug, 2021 | Medium
Today’s the Day: Take the DVS State of the Industry Survey and Live Your Best Life | Nightingale
Data-driven Products
Streaming Real-Time Analytics with Redis, AWS Fargate, and Dash Framework
How MOIA built a fully automated GDPR compliant data lake using AWS Lake Formation, AWS Glue, and AWS CodePipeline | Amazon Web Services
Data Engineering Jobs
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