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SF Data Weekly - Data at Dailymotion, Amazon Payments with Redshift, Streaming Microservices, 5 Warehouse Tips

May 13 · Issue #115 · View online
SF Data Weekly
Our Pick
Collaboration Between Data Engineers, Data Analysts and Data Scientists | Dailymotion
Project workflow for data engineers and analysts.
Data Pipelines
Running Amazon Payments analytics on Amazon Redshift with 750TB of data | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Payments data architecture.
Amazon Redshift Maturity Survey [Sponsored Content]
Each time somebody takes the survey, we'll hit a big gong in our office.
Journey to Event Driven – Part 4: Four Pillars of Event Streaming Microservices | Confluent
The four pillars of event streaming architecture applied to Confluent's system.
Let’s Build a Streaming Data Pipeline
The model on GCP, which was followed in this example.
5 Tips for Selecting the Right Data Warehouse
How Tilting Point Does Streaming Ingestion into Delta Lake | The Databricks Blog
Architecture showing continuous data ingest into Delta Lake Tables.
Data Analysis
Intro to AWS SageMaker
Build - train - deploy cycle, simplified with AWS SageMaker.
Building Recommender Systems with Azure Machine Learning service
An excerpt from the wide range of recommender systems supported in Azure.
Data Visualization
5 Common Advanced Analytics Scenarios & Resources for Tableau
Tableau allows automatic clustering for data segmentation.
Data-driven Products
Scaling Product Design with Blueprint | Palantir
Data Engineering Jobs
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