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SF Data Weekly - Beer scores, Diagnostic Gap and Rasterio

October 21 · Issue #262 · View online
SF Data Weekly
This week’s pick uses ML techniques to predict the review scores of different beers.
We also have a post on how to close the gap between presenting data and providing analysis, as well as a piece on using Rasterio to load geospatial data. Stay healthy!

Our Pick
Beer review scores — style, brewery, and other factors
Data Pipelines
REST APIs vs Microservices: Differences & How They Work Together - DreamFactory
Land data from databases to a data lake at scale using AWS Glue blueprints | Amazon Web Services
Data Storage
A Database Without Dynamic Memory Allocation | TigerBeetle
Data Analysis
The Diagnostic Analytics Gap. Why is this gap relevant and how to… | by João Sousa | Oct, 2022 | Towards Data Science
Design Thinking Improves Your Data Science | by Taylor Jensen | Oct, 2022 | Towards Data Science
The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Geospatial Raster Data | by Mattia Gatti | Oct, 2022 | Towards Data Science
Data Visualization
Start with the Hero, Not the Story | Nightingale
Top 7 Packages for Making Beautiful Tables in R | by Devashree Madhugiri | Oct, 2022 | Towards Data Science
Data-driven Products
Orchestrating Data/ML Workflows at Scale With Netflix Maestro | by Netflix Technology Blog | Oct, 2022 | Netflix TechBlog
Data Engineering Jobs
The Complete Roadmap to Becoming a Data Analyst With No Previous Experience | by Madison Hunter | Towards Data Science
ML Engineer - Outward / Williams-Sonoma
Data Engineer - Zscaler
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