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SF Data Weekly - Apache Arrow, Graph Data with Mongo, SageMaker

New section!  Scroll down to the bottom!  Each week, we'll send you the 3 best data engineering jobs
March 12 · Issue #58 · View online
SF Data Weekly
New section! 
Scroll down to the bottom! 
Each week, we’ll send you the 3 best data engineering jobs we can find. This week with positions at Postmates, Udemy and WeWork.

Our Pick
Top 150 Medium Articles Related with Big Data, Data Science and Data Visualization
Data Pipelines
Introduction to Apache Arrow
Central Logging in Multi-Account Environments
Amazon Kinesis Data Streams & Data Firehose log data to an S3 bucket.
Data Storage
Optimizing Your Cloud Storage Performance: Google Cloud Performance Atlas
Introduction to Graph Databases
Graph DBs model Nodes and Edges of a relational graph.
Graph Data With MongoDB
The client app showing graph construction.
Data Analysis
Train and Host Scikit-Learn Models in Amazon SageMaker by Building a Scikit Docker Container
SageMaker using Docker images from Amazon ECS and training data from S3.
Comparing Regression and Classification on US Elections Data with TensorFlow Estimators
Data Visualization
Visualizing Tweet Sentiment With Excel, SQL, and Dremio
A final look at the Dremio visualization in Excel.
Data-driven Products
What are the Recurring Topics in TED
Top 30 topics in TED and their interconnections.
Data Engineering Jobs
We are starting a new section of SF Data Weekly with job postings that are relevant to all members of our community. 🎉 If you want to post a job you can do it here.
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